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Wooden 3D Printer Filament

  • 3D Printer Filament Wood
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    3D Printer Filament Wood

    Wood filament for 3D printing is a new FDM filament that was developed to print wooden-like objects. Wood filament is a ABS or PLA-based mixed 3D printer filament. 30% of the material is made from recycled wood fibres, it provides a realistic wood color, finish and even...
  • Wood 3D Filament
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    Wood 3D Filament

    In fact, wood 3d filament is not a filament made out of 100 prcent wood. This particular wood filament uses about 70 percent PLA or ABS plastic and 30 percent wood fiber. What we do is mixing the pla and wood fiber together to make a filament can be melt by the 3D printer and...
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