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3D printer is On hold
Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2018

(1) Platform cleanup

Find a lint-less flannel, add a little bit of alcohol on top of it or some acetone nail polish cleaner, gently wipe, you can clean the platform.

(2) Cleaning of residual material in nozzle

Preheat the sprinkler head to about 220 ℃, then use the tweezers slowly to pull out the inside of the waste silk, or remove the nozzle for thorough cleaning.

(3) Other cleaning

will be a printer chassis under the garbage clean up, to oil-deficient parts to do lubrication, with a clean cloth will be motor, screw and other components on the oil wipe clean. After cleaning up the above, the machine can be stored for a long time after the cover is finished. In the daily use of equipment, develop good maintenance habits can prolong its use of time.

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