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Why FDM 3d printing plastic consumables is mainly PLA
Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Mainly PLA, because PLA is the easiest to print, easy to use, low cost, good effect, and it is easier to promote in the education, maker market, no taste, and the low cost of making this cheap 3D printer manufacturer. Printing PLA is the easiest, low technical content; if you can print abs, petg, nylon and other plastics, it is more difficult for the hardware and software of the machine, the machine cost will increase accordingly, and the after-sales workload is huge, the customer prints abs, etc. The hardware environment required for engineering plastics is more demanding. It is easy to print problems, resulting in a large number of after-sales complaint feedback, and also requires a certain amount of operational technology accumulation; overall, the PLA is the easiest to promote, and is also the most popular 3D printers. material. To print engineering plastics, product spare parts, P applications in industry, commerce, etc., PLA can no doubt bear its characteristics; therefore, PLA consumables can only be used in education, creators, toys, gifts, etc. The PLA material also restricts the development of FDM nozzle printers for industrial applications.

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