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PETG 1.75mm 3d Printer Filament
Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2018


The name of the 3D printer is the product that has appeared in the civilian market in recent years.

a new word. In fact, he has another name "rapid forming technology" in the professional field. Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing (RPM) technology, born in the late 1980s, is also known as Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing (RPM) technology. It was born in the 1980s Later.

It combines mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, and laser technology. It can automatically, directly, quickly and accurately transform design ideas into functional prototypes or directly manufactured parts.

PETG  3mm 3d 01

PETG 3mm 3d 12

Our company manufactures FDM printers and filaments. We have 70 emplyees in factory, 25 of them are R&D team members. The factory's production has been automated. Our company is extreamly emphasis in new filament and material technoogy development. Our main market is: USA, Europe, Russia, Australia etc. We promise to provide high quality and best serivce to all of our customers.

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